Vinfreild was founded in July 2009 by Ms. Luamiana Vinfreild! Today, Vinfreild is composed of "sub companies". These "sub companies" include: Vinfreild Productions, Vinfreild Virtual Technologies, and the slowly fading Luamiana Vinfreild Desginer Inc.

After leaving for a long period of time, in August 2010, Luamiana returned to the technological world, opening a website for her new fashion design company, and a website for her webpage design services.

In January 2012, Vinfreild Productions partnered with Baelin&Lonuma, who offered us website addresses and advertising for our multiple services and websites until Vinfreild was able to mobilize.  On October 10th, 2012, Vinfreild acquired Baelin&Lonuma from it's founder Ramona Baelin. They are our biggest programming and testing support partner. They also are the creators of Rollenia, and the developers of all Rollenia products.