What we do at Vinfreild Virtual Technologies:

Vinfreild is a graphics company. Our primary focus is virtual graphics for programs, games, websites, pretty much anything having to do with the look and feel of software. While we rely mainly on our parter Baelin&Lonuma to do programing for our products, we also have a small team of programmers and testers for our software and games. Vinfreild Virtual is divided into various members, admins, and work section groups who each decide on an individual project to develop, perfect, test, and release.

Notable products: 
Baelin&Lonuma Workspace is developed by both Vinfreild and Baelin&Lonuma.
Rollenia is developed by Baelin&Lonuma and evaluated by Vinfreild.

Official Projects are developed personally by Luamiana Vinfreild. Only projects bearing the V crossed with an L logo are Official Vinfreild Projects! All other projects are developed by members.