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We are finalizing content and layouts to bring you two new websites for game making resources!

Resource 64 - 
This website located at N64.vinfreild.com will be loaded with retro material (sprites, textures, models, and sounds) from right out of the most popular N64 titles, as well as links to both Vinfreild developed, and other party developed N64 style games.

(Website release date: November 5th, 2012)

Game Resource Cube -
This website located at gcn.vinfreild.com will bring the same features and easy to use layout as the Resource 64 website, but with content from the Nintendo Game Cube instead.

(Website release date: December 31, 2012)

Nintendo 64 resource site + GCN site from Vinfreild:
 All downloads on this site are resources intended for creative and personal project use. Downloads are free, and can be used for any purpose without giving credit to Vinfreild unless specifically asked to. Vinfreild does recommend giving credit to Nintendo, or the creator of the content if any resources on this site are used in your creation. 
All content is copyright the creator of the content. Vinfreild is not affiliated with Nintendo, Intelligent Systems, Namco, Sega, Camelot, Rare, or any company who's resources or content are on this website, besides Baelin&Lonuma and HomeCo.

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